No fairy tales this time

 One day the dolls I had collected from different countries walked up on my desk and said enough is enough! They explained, that they were just dolls and had never had any guns or any power to influence anyone. Nevertheless, they were cultural ambassadors and had to be listened to. They had never threatened anyone, but now they had seen enough – more than enough. They had seen how the adults, parents, humans have killed, robbed, violated, raped, starved, drowned, sold and committed every imaginable crime where the victims have been children, their playmates and their families. And all these sickening atrocities, only because the kids were totally defenceless and unprepared. The kids could not even in their wildest dreams imagine what the adults were going to do to them. Too many dolls and their protectors had been shot and burned to death. Now the dolls were just not willing to silently watch in a corner any longer. They would not take any more of it, not a bit of it. STOP IT, they said. STOP IT RIGHT NOW ON THE SPOT! I had to do something, they said. No excuse whatsoever would be accepted anymore. Someone MUST listen. Someone MUST stand up and stop this madness.

They assembled in front of me with their banners and all the evidence they had collected. Because they were just dolls, there was not much they could do, they said, but they could protest, and that was exactly what they were going to do  – long and loudly! This time it was not going to be a nice bedtime fairy tale, not even a scary one. This time it would be a demonstration! And they would shout, shout and scream as loudly as they could. They were not willing to forget anything, not to forgive anything, not to turn back, nothing at all. They were determined to simply stand there, stand as long as it takes. If necessary, to stand until they too were destroyed. This was not a kid’s play. This time it was for real!

I managed to take a photo of them and I show it here for you, followed by what each of them had to say. Read their documentation. But I must warn you, reading the documentation will require a great deal of courage and honesty. Harden your heart.

If you are organizing an event about children’s rights one day, the dolls may be willing to join and support you. Contact me and I will ask them.


Their demonstration took place during the Maailma kylässä – World Village festival in Helsinki on the 23rd-24th of May 2015.

Here is the poster they had made for the event:


Below is a list of what each of them had to say. Click on their images.  For a brief moment, you will be able to share their commitment, their courage and their grief.

B CamerounEN

My village is burning!

Where are my sister and my mom?

Stop this!
Cameroon: War Against Boko Haram

Boko Haram attack 2 Cameroon villages

B SenegalEN

Stop industrial fishing now!

There is no more fish in my sea!!

You stole our sea!
Environmental problems in Senegal

Senegal’s fishing community will act on foreign fleets if government doesn’t

B SoudanEN

I do not want to be a child soldier!

I want to return to my school!

We are not fighters!
What next for South Sudan’s 3,000 freed child soldiers?
Child soldiers still being recruited in South Sudan


The miners took our land and they are now rich!

We lost our villages and homes.
There is no place to go!

You stole our land!
Concerns  of Young Indigenous Australians

Aboriginals left behind by Australia’s mining boom

B MongoliaEN

Climate is changing!

Children need climate-proofed and retrofitted schools, dormitories, hospitals, play areas, wells and infrastructure.

We need new homes and schools!
Children and Climate Change in Mongolia

B GermanyEN

Your pesticides are killing the bees in my forest!

 No bees, no flowers, no food!

Scientists discover another cause of bee deaths, and it’s really bad news

B LatviaEN

Stateless after 20 years!

I need a citizenship!

What do you want from me!
Statelessness among children in Latvia: current situation, challenges and possible solutions
Statelessness in Europe

B AfganistanEN


Don’t sell me to become a bride.
I am only 10

Father, listen to me!

A Child Bride in Sudan

Sharia Law has led to the legislation of child marriage in 6 countries

Child Brides


Winter has arrived!

We live in tents without heating and winter clothes!

We want to go back!

UNHCR warns of winter crisis for almost 1 million displaced Iraqis and Syrians


Politicians, leave me alone!

I manage my body myself!

Go away! Leave me alone!

My Body, My Rights

B El SalvadorEN

We are 20 million orphans!

We need parents now!

Who will take care of me now?

150+ Million At-Risk Children
Educate an Orphan



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