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Hi, I am a philosopher and I have all my life been interested in history and in the future of mankind. What will happen to mankind and to our planet in, say, a hundred years time? Will we humans sustain? Will biological life on earth sustain? I believe everyone wants that to be the case, but we tend to disagree about how to go about it and in the process we may ruin our prospects altogether.

I believe many things will improve in the future, like heath care for example. But we also see disturbing threats like climate change, concentration of resources to a few, etc. Is there anything I could do to improve our chances – anything at all, even something small ?

Who are the ones who have the most at stake? Of those living now, who have the most to loose, the most to gain? My answer is that it is our kids – the kids living right now! When they grow up – in 10 to 20 years time – the world will be different. Climate change, technology, social media, global communication, bioengineering, declining biodiversity etc. – are creating a world totally different from the one where I grew up. I often struggle with the odd and somehow unlikely fact, that during my life time, the world population has increased 6-fold! Yes, 6-fold! There is a six-fold increase in the number of persons wanting a meaningful life, a family, education, a job, food, a dream to become true for them one day. But, resources have not increased. The resources of the planet may have declined in fact.

Of those who live now, the kids, when they grow up, they will have to show extraordinary resilience and mental strength to adjust and to manage the new world. They will live in a different and totally interconnected world where they have to cooperate across political and cultural borders and to jointly make decisions affecting the short and long term future of mankind, the environment and the planet.

Is there something I could do to offer that strength? Just a little bit, a little bit I could offer? Is there something I can do, here and now, or something we can do together – you and I, to resource our kids for the new world in making?

What will those future adults think about us, who let consumption and concentration of wealth go too far? Many trends leading up the future seem frightening, food and water shortage, religious conflicts, human trafficking and abuse, but, scaring kids now with these problems of our own making won’t help. We need to empower them.

I cannot solve or eliminate these problems, but could I plant seeds which would strengthen these future actors in due time? Could I put them to look and grow in a direction which would make them more prepared and ready when their time for action has come? I must try. Join me!

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