Stories About Multicultural Life

Below is a list of some of my published Kindle ebooks. The entire series Dolls without Frontiers contains 20 titles from different corners of the world. I plan to have them published during 2018-2021. Printed editions will also become available.

All books are lavishly illustrated by international artists. In each book a doll tells the story in English and in its mother tongue. The dolls are photographed by me and I call them my Cultural Ambassadors.

I and other readers would be thrilled if you would like to write a review! Like all authors, I need your feedback to write better books. You can find the books here on Amazon .

Happy reading!

SaveI Am Proud Of My CultureSave

Front Page for the Giant Tortilla

Giant Tortillas Make Me Proud is a story about a how a Mexican doll and a group of mice after many obstacles come together to make a giant Mexican tortilla. The story is about cultural identity, culinary heritage and those simple things in your culture that you can feel proud of wherever you are in the modern world. Together with your child share the joy of making giant tortillas and explore the role of tortillas and cacao in the cultural life  of Mexico. In your culture, what are the little things you are proud of?

We are Creative and Innovative

Natasha gests an Idea!

“Natasha gets an idea!” is a story about a group of young girls walking in the fields and enjoying nature. They sing, play music and have fun. When they listen to birds and crickets around them they realise they can imitate these sounds and create new and funny music. Natasha’s great idea makes them into star performers in international concerts. Their invention takes them to countries all around the world and to a life-long adventure as creative singers.

The Magic Owl Saved Me

The Rescue of Princess Didi is a story about a village on the Atlantic cost of Senegal. Bad weather and heavy storms are eroding the beach where Princess Didi is spending her days. Kids play on the beach, but their parents are concerned. Industrial fishing is reducing the catches fishermen can make. One day Princess Didi and her friends are warned by a magical owl visiting the village. Together with your child, explore how Princess Didi and her friends to look for and find safety.

I Have A SecretSave

A young boy moves with his family to a foreign country where he feels lonely and rejected. But he has a Secret from his Indian village in Guatemala. The Secret is a box and what is hidden inside helps him to overcome  and he can sleep again. The Secret helps him to remember good things from the past, and he can get new friends again. Read this story with your children so they can understand why immigrant kids sometimes are shy or defensive.